Big Data Analytics

We go from the POC to the deployment

Our Value Proposition to Online Retailers

Understand your customers
Know better your customers and identify key consumer journey life stage points thanks to advanced segmentation and behavioral analysis.
Personalize their experience
Offer a tailored experience to your customers by recommending the most suited products and communicating with according to their preferences and tastes.
Engage with them
Automate, track and assess your engagement strategies deployed throughout customers key lifecycle points to better leverage the wins and learn from the fails.
Answer their claims
Empower your customer care team by processing claims, recommending actions to perform and identifying potential abusive returns.

“Only 19% of brands offer more than a basic level of personalization of the online experience.”

IBM - 2017 Customer Experience Index

Our skills

We commit to empower you to achieve business objectives such as driving sales, getting customer insights, improving service, boosting marketing campaign and reducing churn rate. We build the models and hand actionable and easy-to-use dashboards for the following problems:

  • Advanced Customer Segmentation
  • Churn Modeling
  • Price optimization
  • Anomaly detection
  • Recommender System

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Business Driven
Our prime objective is to improve your business, its operations as well as its outcomes.
Our PhD-level expertise enables us to not only master the models but also to challenge them in order to be suited to your specific environment and company.
Actionable insights
We make sure that our data-driven insights will help your decision-making and will translate in specific actions.